Phoenix Suns fans:

Let's buy the Suns

Why do you want to be a suns owner?

Tell Us Why

We're offering two tickets to a Suns game this season for the video with the most votes* on why you want to be a Suns owner.Record a 10 second video on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok & hashtag your post: #housedelsols

Why are we doing this?We believe in the power of story. Each fan has a never before told story on why they would love to be an owner.Fan ownership is the future, let's begin to tell our story.

But How?

The Plan

As you know, Sarver is selling the Phoenix Suns.Buying a majority share may be impossible today, but buying a minority position is possible today.We create a collective to join an ownership bid as minority owners using a private equity structure.We work with the new majority owner to provide earned perks, governance, & experiences to the collective.

Collabing with the best

A community of hoops fans,
helping each other own their favorite teams.

Our friends at Krause House will help us make this a reality. They've spent significant time & money to create a path for fans to own a piece of their favorite NBA teams.

The Pitch

Why Fan owned?

For the fans, the pitch is obvious.
You should have an opportunity to own a piece of your team.

For owners, we provide a path for small & mid market teams to compete in valuation with the NYC & LA teams. We do this by making your team the "internet's home team", dramatically increasing the potential fan base.Additionally, by tapping into a talented global fan base we can find the sharpest minds in the community to enhance key functions like scouting & analytics.

We're excited to unveil a legal & financial structure that is compliant with NBA by-laws. We're here to bring the power of community to ownership.

Join the movement

Stay In the Know

We're looking for fans.
Join the journey to ownership:

Contest Details- The two tickets will be for a regular season home game.
- The game will be chosen by Krause House tokenholders.
- The specific seat selection will be chosen by Krause House tokenholders.
- The vote for best video will be done via Krause House tokenholders.
- One submission per contestant.
- The social media post must be publicly accessible & correctly tagged with #housedelsols.
- Must be 18 to be eligible.
- Any videos that are inappropriate will be deemed ineligible.